Don’t Fear The Disco is an occasional dance party. It happens rarely – but when it does, it’s really bloody good.

100% of the profits from each party go to charity, it’s always run just for the love of it (we much prefer dancing to promoting).

The Don’t Fear The Disco project began life as a social above a bar in south London, and it was so much fun the first time that we’ve kept doing it – hosted in different locations across London.

The set up is the same today as it was back then – we call in a few favours from brilliant people, throw another party, the music is great, we suggest a small cash donation on the door and all the profit goes to charity. All of it. Dance and feel good.

There are bad/daft/sad things happening in the world, sometimes far away, sometimes closer to home. If lots of us do just a little bit, we can make things better.

Send me an email if you’d like more details.

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Thank you