Dont Fear The Disco is an occasional party, always run for charity.

Great Music, lots of dancing.

It began life as a social above a bar in south London and was so much fun the first time that we’ve kept doing it.

The premise remains the same today; occasionally we call in a few favours and throw another party. The music is great, we suggest a donation of a few quid and all the profit goes to charity. All of it. Dance and feel good.

There are some key ingredients to its continued success:

* Good music and a finely stocked bar has never done the party any harm.

* We believe in community. We have talented friends that we use, mercilessly, with little fear of reprisal, in order to get things done. DJs, lighting techs, venue owners, door staff – they’ve all been kind to us in the past and we can’t thank them enough.

* Finally, there’s something about the notion of raising a bit of money for a worthy cause, making a small difference, whilst having a great bloody time that has struck a chord with many. There are bad things happening in the world, sometimes far away, sometimes closer to home. We if lots of us do a little, we can make a big change.

This is just a great night out, but one where we smile at you nicely and ask for a few quid there and then to help – the price of a small doner and chips. Maybe just the chips if you’re not feeling flush. Plus you’ll feel good you did it the next day – giving to charity I mean – not eating the doner and chips.

If you’d like to be kept updated with details of our next event, just drop me an email.

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Thank you